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₴ 50 - 150

Home, sweet Home (Odessa Courtyard tour)

Meet numerous and diverse courtyards of Odessa! Live experience of genuine spirit, smell, speech and real citizens! Try walking in Pushkin’s and Bunin’s shoes along the streets where Babel and Zhabotinskiy used to live. You’ll see courtyards with wella and well courtyards! Get into luxurious aristocratic courtyards through the ones built for the poorest Odessa citizens… Each of them tells a separate story and has a highlights local identity. Our guides will show you everything you must see or even more!

This tour will show you another side of Odessa, and we are sure that you`ll love it!

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Tour details
  • City: Odesa
  • Duration : 2 hours
  • Number of people : 15 - 25
  • Price per person : Child, walking | 50.00 UAH Adult, walking | 150.00 UAH

+380 (04) 870-06-05

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